Billy Cobham Masterclass | Four-Way Coordination

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Lining up the upper body with the lower body - where does it all start? Giving each limb of the body a task that will only work if all limbs work together. Playing the phrase and NOT the “number”. Working within symmetrical patterns (2 bar, 4 bar, 8 bar, 16 bar & 32 patterns) that establish […]

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Billy Cobham Masterclass | Interpreting Musical Passages in Jazz, Rock, Latin, Fusion

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Playing on top of the beat, in the center of the beat and behind the beat. “Ghost Notes” usage," Phrasing" Instructors: Billy Cobham, Gary Husband, Dom Famularo Play-Along: Serengetti Plains Foundational topics: Interpretation, phrasing, ghost notes, tempo View Terms and Conditions Prior Student Testimonials The laid back vibe was very welcoming and helpful. Alex D. The […]

Billy Cobham Masterclass | Working in Odd Time Signatures

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Playing music as phrases and not as numbers. Providing examples from music portfolio. Instructors: Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Gary Husband, Will Calhoun, Dom Famularo Play-Along: Spectrum, Cuba On The Horizon […]

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