Mini Music Makers

Recommended Ages: 4-8

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Introduce Your Child to Music!

Mini Music Makers is an exploratory music program designed to help the youngest future musicians learn the fundamentals in a fun, positive and engaging atmosphere. In weekly 30-minute lessons at our Baltimore-area facility, beginners can experiment with ukulele, piano, drums and voice as they learn the foundations of music, expand their creativity and begin to develop a real passion for playing music!

Through games and other fun activities, children will love learning about the musical alphabet, rhythm, different instruments and more. When they are ready, each student will be encouraged to explore the ukulele, piano, drums and voice on a more in-depth level. They will learn beginning techniques and even a few songs on as many instruments as they would like to explore until they are ready to choose an instrument and advance to instrument-specific lessons.

Mini Music Makers is available through in-person or virtual lessons. The program typically runs for one year of weekly lessons, but students can progress at their own pace.


The Mini Music Makers Workbook allows students to practice their favorite songs, try out their favorite activities, and make even more music in between lessons. Each workbook comes with a complimentary box of crayons.

“Melody Maker”

“Melody Maker” allows children to begin composing their own music by arranging pitches in different orders and playing them back on the piano.

“What is Genre?”

“What is Genre?” is a game designed to improve listening skills. By listening closely to details within music such as instrumentation and vocal tone, children will learn to categorize music by genre and even develop their own musical tastes!

“Colorful Piano”

“Colorful Piano” is an engaging way for students to practice identifying the notes on the keyboard. It can also be used as a reference sheet for practicing at home.

“Ukulele Songs”

“Ukulele Songs” gives a few examples of music each student will learn to play during their instrument exploration.

Skills and Benefits

  • Learning the foundations of music through a fun and inspiring program
  • Development of sensory, motor and cognitive skills
  • Increased memory, reading, writing and math skills
  • Better focus and communication
  • Improved listening skills
  • Heightened sense of creativity
  • A passion for playing music
  • A state-of-the-art Baltimore facility

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Mini Music Makers Instructors

Brennan McShane

Brennan McShane

Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Mini Music Makers
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Molly Garrett

Molly Garrett

Voice, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Mini Music Makers
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Shannon Czapla

Shannon Czapla

Voice, Ukulele, Piano, Guitar, Mini Music Makers
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Lesson Rates

Non-Recurring Lessons

30-Minute Lessons

Weekly Recurring Lessons

30-Minute Lessons

“My son came into Stages 4 months ago at the age of 3 and  hasn’t looked back. His teacher Brennan is FANTASTIC and encourages him to try multiple instruments while also teaching music fundamentals like note recognition and beat length. This place is state of the art but totally family friendly. They run circles around School of Rock. Take a trial lesson and you’ll never want to go anywhere else.”

Mary L.